#87 Leading Change – Transformational Leadership in Schools

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School leadership is critical, but investment has declined. Our guests on this episode of WISE On Air want to transform education by transforming leadership.

Dr. Asmaa Al-Fadala, Dominic Regester, and Anthony Mackay lead WISE ALL-IN, a network reimagining leadership through research, training, and advocacy. Their goal is to modernize education to prepare learners for today’s world.

But change takes more than policy. Their lived experiences fueled their drive for systemic change, from role models to seeing inequities firsthand. Their journeys show why leadership matters.

We discuss the challenges we face, why leadership is so critical, and how they are building a community to transform education’s future.

Join us as we explore their vision, insights, and why education transformation starts with leadership transformation.

Relevant links:

Learn more about WISE ALL-IN: www.wise-qatar.org/all-in/

Dr. Asmaa Al-Fadala: www.wise-qatar.org/biography/asmaa-al-fadala/

Dominic Regester: www.salzburgglobal.org/people?userID…582a3beaafae3

Anthony Mackay: www.oecd.org/site/forum-world-e…ckay_FWE19_BIO.pdf

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