#71 Post-Pandemic Priorities for Education Part 5: Europe – Tracey Burns

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Europe is the world’s wealthiest continent and the first region in the world to modernize. The scientific and industrial revolutions began in Europe and the first recognizably modern administrative states were established there, with the possible exception of China. Europe’s fragmentation into competing empires and nation-states is seen as both a strength and a weakness.

Given the historical context, it is not surprising that Europe’s policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic was far from uniform, even in the collective structures of the EU. When it comes to education priorities for the post-pandemic era, can Europe reprise its role as the world’s policy innovation laboratory?

To help answer this question, Senior Analyst at the OECD Center for Educational Research & Innovation, Tracey Burns joins us in the latest episode of our special series focusing on post-pandemic priorities for the future of education.

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