#95 Skills – The Currency for the Future of Work?

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1 billion+ young people are expected to enter the workforce this decade – how can we ensure that young people are equipped and have access to as many opportunities as possible?

Meet Taha and Omar Bawa, the brothers behind Goodwall. Goodwall is an app and online platform that upskills young talent and prepares them for future career success.

While they develop skills, Goodwall support them to drive change and tackle global challenges, from the climate crisis to mental health. Some have described Goodwall as a platform that mixes LinkedIn with TikTok – making for a space that resonates with Gen Z and also enables them to learn and showcase skills to prospective employers.

Since founding Goodwall, they have helped 2 million+ young people, 60% female, in more than 150 countries navigate their learning and earning journeys.

Omar and Taha started Goodwall to inspire and encourage the next generation to achieve more and impact society positively. Stay tuned to hear WISE Director and Host of this episode Elyas Felfoul as he delves deeper into how the idea for Goodwall came about, and how skills are going to be the currency of the future of work.

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