#88 The Future is Now – Young Tunisians on AI’s Impact

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In this episode, we talk to four young Tunisians who are making waves in their fields of education, filmmaking, public policy, computer science, and edtech. They share their stories, insights, and perspectives on how AI is shaping the future of education, employment, and technology in Tunisia and the region. We also explore the impact and implications of AI and other new technologies on their own work and personal relations.

Samy Chaffai, a filmmaker, content creator, and animal rights advocate who is pursuing a PhD in filmmaking. He is the founder of two YouTube channels, Ti 3leh and Samy Chaffaï, where he produces videos on various topics, such as comedy, education, culture, and social issues. His short movie, Prison of Numbers, premiered in the Pathe movie theaters in Tunis and Sousse in 2021, making him the first YouTuber in Tunisian history to debut a short movie on the big screen.

Nesrine Mbarek, a student, activist, and researcher who is interested in public policy, gender issues, and economic development in the Middle East and North Africa. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public policy at Harvard Kennedy School as an Emirates Leadership Initiative Fellow. She graduated from Stanford University with honors in history, focusing on the modern Middle East. She was the president of the American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford and one of the core initiators of Tunisia88, a national project introducing a music program in every high school in Tunisia.

Hajar Boughoula, a software engineer with a knack for crafting beautiful solutions, she has dedicated 7+ years to programming in diverse fields . Specializing in web development, data management & analysis, and Image & Natural Language Processing , Hajar has been enveloped in the world of coding since the age of 13, culminating in extensive experience in engineering and implementing optimal solutions across a wide range of industry software needs.From creating research-focused software for NASA’s Mission to Psyche, to leading tech teams at the Red Crescent in building enterprise management software, she’s had the privilege to work on exclusive and complex projects that have shaped her into the well-rounded developer she is today.

Anis Kallel, an entrepreneur, engineer, and content creator who is working on financial inclusion and digital transformation in Africa. He is the co-founder and CTO of Kaoun, a fintech startup that offers a financial super app called Flouci that allows individuals and businesses to create a free bank account and a mobile wallet via smartphone, and access a range of financial and governmental services. He studied computer science and business at the University of Rochester, where he was awarded a full tuition scholarship. He is a Fellow at Harambeans, an alliance of African entrepreneurs, and was nominated as one of the top 100 leaders of tomorrow at the St Gallen Symposium in Switzerland.

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