17zuoye (aka Homework Together)

About the Project

Using homework as a breakthrough point, 17zuoye provides a platform that connects teachers, students, and parents, each playing a key role in the education system. 17zuoye offers a product that focus on K-12 English, math, and Chinese. It’s based on the latest curriculum implemented by China’s National Ministry of Education. 17zuoye is now China’s largest K-12 online learning platform, which covers 100,000 schools all over China, especially in economically better-developed cities.
As an online platform for learning, 17zuoye has:

  • a large user base
  • high-frequency activities
  • long active time
  • high organic retention rate
  • real-name community of teachers, students and parents
  • massive data of learning behaviors

17zuoye also provides significant value for teachers, students, and parents in the following aspects:

  • interactive: open materials for teachers, encouraging students, and communicating with parents
  • immediate: individualized reviews and reports
  • interesting: gamified homework makes learning fun
  • individualized learning: students do their homework assigned by teachers. Through data collection and analysis, data-driven personalized study plan is recommended to students.
  • intimate: real classmates SNS motivating interactions during studies
On the platform teachers assign homework with only one click, correct homework efficiently, check learning analytics at any time, and gain abundant teaching resources easily. Students can easily complete the homework, gain the personalized learning guidance with quality self-learning products. Parents can check their children’s learning report in real-time, access professional family education guidance, and customized scientific, personalized learning projections.


Based on big data, 17zuoye provides a set of intelligent and efficient online and offline homework solutions. It applies intelligent education technology and products to more teaching and learning areas, driving schools, families and even the community to work on education collectively with data.



April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)