1kg Box

About the Project

1KG Box is a program that designs and produces courses in the form of a box for teachers in rural China. These include an “Art Box”, “Road Safety Box”, “Reading Box Box” and “Handicraft Box’, among others.  So far, 840,000 such courses have been provided free of charge to rural students. 1KG Box believes in empowering communities and giving educators the capacity to address local issues with their students. Boxes are designed based on group learning and student-centered teaching.
Project 1KG Box stemmed from project 1KG Or More, which is a public welfare movement in China to encourage people to bring one kilogram or more of school supplies to rural schools when traveling. The initiator of Project 1 KG Or More, Andrew Yu, realized that problems affecting rural schools could not be solved only by increasing supplies. Indeed, most rural teachers lack the experience and knowledge to provide their students with appropriate education in all disciplines, especially as they also dedicate a large part of their time invested in their students’ personal lives.
The project is being run as a social enterprise and boxes are sold to companies and foundations. 


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)