Aflatoun Education Platform

About the Project

Aflatoun Education platform links a library for digitized learning materials on Aflatoun’s social and financial themes with a continuous professional development course for teachers comprised of 14, one-hour multi-media modules. The self-study course provides refresher and supplementary training to teachers who have already participated in Aflatoun workshops. It boasts both online and offline application. The modules deal with both program implementation but also active-learning methods transferrable to any subject. The platform, therefore, is a vital step in promoting quality of education both within the Aflatoun program and generally. The platform enables teachers to learn at their own pace and time. Teachers have their own profile account where their learning journey will be captured on the progress bar with a points system. This system is motivating, because they feel that tangible progress is being made, and their efforts are being recognized.

April 24, 2019 (last update 07-23-2020)