Arkki School of Creativity for Children and Youth

About the Project

This project is one of the 2020 WISE Awards finalists. 

Arkki concept is creative education to 4-19 year old kids using architecture and design projects as holistic real-world phenomena. Arkki’s phenomenon-based and hands-on learning integrates different STEAM subjects, Humanities and Social Sciences and supports the development of diverse skills and competencies. Arkki full curriculum is a 15-year program with 1500 hours of teaching content. 

Arkki programs are developed in Arkki Finland since 1993 and are officially acknowledged by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. Arkki International develops and licenses Arkki programs worldwide, and is an official member of Education Finland program. 

Context and Issue 

Arkki School of CreativitTo navigate through the rapidly changing world, students need curiosity, imagination, skills how to combine complex information, and how to use information creatively to solve the complex problems of our society. Arkki´s creative education focuses on the higher-order thinking skills that enable the pupils to make use of the knowledge and skills they have, no matter what their occupation will be.

Solution and Impact

Arkki International provides creative education programs to 4-19 year old kids using architecture and design projects as holistic real-world phenomena. 

Arkki’s motto “ Play – create – succeed !” highlights the playful approach in active learning and emphasizes creativity, imagination and other important 21st century skills needed in the future as well as the significance of positive feedback and motivation within the learning process. Arkki programs make learning fun and engaging, while fostering lifelong learning. 

Arkki is internationally renowned and is present now in 7 countries and 20 centers with 30 000+ pupils in Europe, South-East Asia and China. The program have impacted 30.000+ children worldwide who have participated in programs, workshops or projects. Children are capable of anything and Arkki gives them opportunities to succeed and reach their fullest potential! 

Future Developments 

Arkki actively collaborates in Finland and Internationally with local governments, companies and organizations such as UNICEF to make children’s voices better heard all over the world. Through multi-party real-life participatory planning projects, the mission is to offer children and youth possibilities to impact the design of our future environment.

May 05, 2020 (last update 02-20-2021)