Pihla Meskanen

Architect (MA) and pedagogue, co-founder, Arkki

Pihla Meskanen (1970) is an architect (MA) and pedagogue, co-founder of Arkki Finland (1993) and director for 25 years (-2019) & CEO and founder of Arkki International (2014-). She has been leading Arkki and developing the unique Arkki concept that is now licensed worldwide. Arkki ‘s awarded after-school program is certified by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Arkki provides creative education using architecture & design as holistic real-world phenomena to teach broad-based cultural and civic literacy and creative thinking and innovation skills. Meskanen is an author of several books and articles and participated in co-writing the Finnish National Curriculum for Visual Arts and Architecture. She is a frequent keynote and speaker at conferences (70+) around the world. Among other recognitions, she has received the honor of the Knight First Class of the Order of the Lion of Finland from the President and State Children’s Culture Award from the Minister of Culture.