Barongo Evergreen Farm Investments (BEFi)

About the Project

The project is a practical cumulative survival efforts about being disabled in an able-bodied ruthless world, being heart and soul touched by the poverties of the rural African people with disabilities whereby I, one of them, a disabled former college management graduate (paralyzed legs and walks with a crutch) who has worked with public and private entities for more than ten years thereafter, exhausted by the disability unfriendly environments both psychological and physical structural, together with my spouse we established a self-help farming revenue generating activity like all other African rural adult villagers by investing in land purchase, planted locally adopted now yielding fruit trees, started constructions of the now progressing farm house/poultry house building structures, but unlike the rest we has converted and formalized the farm into a small-scale agribusiness organization, the Barongo Evergreen Farm Investments (BEFi) to adapt to improved commercial farming and agriculture: to proceed with growing of same miscellaneous crops, raise chickens and keep bees for the ever expanding Kibaha/Coast and Dar es Salaam regions, Tanzania markets and beyond.

The venture is increasingly evolving into a social enterprise that is performing both; striving to  adapt to simple improved sustainable farming and agriculture technologies, tools and markets to meet paying customer needs and wants sequentially hand in hand, striving to address poverties of the long neglected rural people with disabilities, starting with the few of the community where our agribusiness is based by embracing and engaging the group into our agribusiness operations as employees, consumers, customers and business operations stakeholders for them not only to learn improved commercial farming skills but also to earn for their household, their disability assistive devices and meet the needs of affordable healthy foods for their households from a close food source.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)