BRAC Slum Schools

About the Project

Bangladesh has a current population of over 163 million with over 15 million living in the capital, Dhaka. Sixty percent of Dhaka’s population lives in slum areas. In addition to being some of the most densely populated areas within cities, most people living in the slums are on or below the poverty line; they are deprived of all basic amenities such as safe drinking water, proper housing, drainage systems and healthcare services. Education is often very low on the priority list and there is a wide range of social problems such as domestic violence, early marriage, and child labor. Considering the above scenario and the great need in urban areas, the BRAC Education Program extended its school program to slum areas with the support of Educate a Child funding.

The urban school project aims to ensure educational opportunities for underprivileged children in urban slums. These children are often sent out to earn money and work in hazardous jobs. The conditions they work in expose them to risky situations like child trafficking. BRAC schools are established in the slums so that they have a safe place for learning. Besides literacy and numeracy, the BRAC curriculum includes lessons on hygiene, health, nutrition, sanitation, traffic rules, awareness of child trafficking, etc. The lessons learnt are transmitted to the children’s parents and siblings.


April 24, 2019 (last update 04-18-2021)