About the Project

Inequality levels in Panama are on the rise due to a general economic boom that is benefiting the rich but marginalizing the poor and pushing them into poverty-ridden communities. Women from these communities live in extreme poverty and lack the proper education and social skills necessary to find stable employment. On average, 83 percent of the women who come to the program live under the poverty level and 61 percent do not have a high-school education. They live surrounded by gangs, drugs, extreme violence and other risks.

CAPTA is a personal and vocational training program for young women living in poverty. The training includes a strong psychological development component that empowers women by raising self-esteem and confidence levels. The process is followed by a professional training course that provides a certificate for employment in the hotel industry. The program beneficiaries achieve not only professional but personal satisfaction. 

To date, CAPTA has trained nearly 600 women and 76 percent of them are currently employed, primarily in the hotel industry. As tested by the program’s psychologist, 94 percent of the women leave the course with higher levels of self-esteem and 90 percent of them improve their relationships with their children, eliminating violence as a form of discipline. CAPTA opens doors for the women by providing exceptional vocational training that leads to employment and an improved quality of life. 


April 24, 2019 (last update 01-03-2021)