Cristo Rey Network Corporate Work Study Program

About the Project

Low-income students struggle to access the quality instruction and support they need to be college-ready by the end of high school. Therefore, Cristo Rey ensures that all students, regardless of family income, are prepared to graduate from college and bring prosperity and value to themselves, their families, and their communities

To do so, a Cristo Rey school operates as both a school and a temporary employment agency where all students work. More than 1,800 corporate partners (including corporations, law and engineering firms, banks, hospitals, universities, and other professional businesses) employ a team of students who rotate one day on the entry-level job each week. The fee for the students’ services covers half of the cost of their education. This school year, 8,100 students in 26 schools are projected to earn $44 million to pay for their own private, college-preparatory education. Also, they will gain work skills that are unattainable in the classroom. By exposing the students to the rigorous expectations of the professional workplace, they: (1) acquire the skills and behaviors for success, (2) understand the relevance of their education in the classroom, and (3) re-imagine their futures to become college-educated professionals.

As a result, Cristo Rey students are graduating from college at twice the rate of their peers from the same economic background.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-10-2019)