Data Sovereignty – BIG Data in e-Learning under control

About the Project

With the Personal Data Locker (PDL) project we are able to empower learners/user of Experience API (xAPI) enabled Learning Management Systems (LMS) / Learning Environments (LE) to take possession of all of their learning data consisting of learning activities, experiences, test results, exams, badges or any other kind of certification as well as informal learning. The PDL as a vital extension for more data protection and personal rights is the stepping stone towards data sovereignty that lay with the actual learner/user and not anymore with a particular institution or online service. The PDL is the tool to get the inevitable BIG Data in e-learning under control.
Since xAPI generated learning data is verifiable, reusable and transferable within xAPI enabled LMS and LE lifelong learning can easily been documented and added to as the learning process continues throughout one’s life. The PDL in combination with a Personalised Learning Environment is the perfect tool to support and further the process of lifelong learning
The PDL is an open source software and freely available to the software developing community at large. We purposely developed and published the PDL as open source to allow easy adoption of the concept in order to promote up-to-date data protection mechanisms in e-learning as well as to allow and further the data sovereignty for the actual learner/user. 


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)