Fooducation For All

About the Project

Fooducation is a methodological project that starts by respecting the soil. It develops social and motor skills, attitudes, values and knowledge that lead to a healthy life style. Fooducation is the means to Petit Gourmet, this one being the organization itself.
As from 2004, Petit Gourmet (PG) has been meeting the needs of children during and after school hours. Growing seeds and cooking work miracles. PG also attends state schools that have children from low-income families, helping them to feel they can take action too, and has worked with other organizations interested in vegetable gardens and cooking.  In 2014 almost 5000 children got involved and we are working to almost duplicate the number for 2015.
Eating well and benefiting from a balanced diet while learning new concepts, attitudes and skills is an aim in itself. Children and adolescents find they are doing a serious job and at the same time they are enjoying themselves and pleasing their parents who see them happy and relaxed.
To provide quality learning, children should interpret life through their own experience, grasping what is really happening around them and transforming themselves accordingly. PG is an inclusive organization caring for specific needs which has made it possible to improve the quality of learning in children. They learn to be patient, how to work in teams and  to accept differences, thus focusing on attitudes. Also, they develop different skills and learn how to make the best use of the garden and kitchen tools, making them educationally profitable. Children are getting in touch with a healthy eating. They also learn that cooking is chemistry, sometimes physics, and sometimes maths, among other subjects. But most of all they enjoy the whole process and are reassured that they can achieve it. Parents are guided into sharing the activity with their children at home.
April 24, 2019 (last update 01-08-2021)