The Future School Program

About the Project

At RDFZ XISHAN SCHOOL, the Future School Program (FSP) focuses on three key aspects of innovative learning and teaching:

1)    Student Learning, where the aim is to make learning a personal experience for every student. Students are taught the three principles of one-to-one learning, including mobility, customization, and context, in order to fully appreciate this mode of learning.
2)    Instructional Practices, for educators to guide students expertly through challenging and complex tasks. In 2011, Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) was introduced to allow students to work on big ideas in groups, develop essential questions and offer effective solutions. The first batch of 12 CBL student representatives gave their first successful presentation at the 2012 Apple Educational Leadership Summit in Geneva.
3)    Curriculum Design, that leverages the power of technology to support students’ learning outcomes, so that through one-to-one teaching and learning the students excel in their state examinations and, at the same time, become holistic learners.


April 24, 2019 (last update 01-04-2021)