This initiative is part of the 2020-21 WISE Accelerator Cohort. 

What they do

Guider is on a mission to create the best personal-development platform for employees worldwide, with mentoring, coaching and advising at its core. Through their AI-powered mentoring software, Guider aims to help organisations like LVMH, Marks & Spencer and Aviva to foster a culture and community of learning and growth, with an understanding that mentoring is a powerful tool to transform and accelerate employees’ personal development.

Using an effective mentoring methodology and framework, Guider helps employees create mentoring relationships, tracks their progress and streamlines the communication and feedback between mentors and mentees. In addition to supporting individuals within organisations, Guider also works closely with L&D teams to drive internal initiatives such as Diversity & Inclusion and Women in Leadership throughout their mentoring strategies.

Why it matters

Oftentimes when we think about edtech, we mainly consider these tools within a K-12 context, however as the demands of our modern world continue to evolve, the future of work and life-long learning are becoming increasingly important considerations for education leaders and edtech providers.

The digital economy will likely create more roles that require a combination of technical, interpersonal and creative skills and if we are to see our current workforce survive the next few decades, we will need to see the development of these skills continue beyond the confines of the classroom. Technology is a source of endless information, however the types of data that it can produce remain useless if they cannot be creatively transformed into actionable insights. Through platforms like Guider, a flexible, fluid approach to skills training can be promoted, helping companies leverage existing talent through the power of mentorship.

Traction so far

Since its launch in 2018, Guider has been able to onboard 13 companies in the UK, including notable organizations like Marks & Spencer and LVMH.

October 05, 2020 (last update 01-02-2021)