Fire Tech

This initiative is part of the 2020-21 WISE Accelerator Cohort. 

What they do

Fire Tech first began as a series of offline summer camps and courses that aimed to provide students with key technology related skills including video game development, mobile app design and robotics. The first courses were run over the summer at Imperial College and led by Imperial and Cambridge students who helped contribute to the curriculum.

Since then, Fire Tech has continued to work with students across some of the UK’s most prestigious universities to develop content and pedagogy that focuses on project based learning, problem solving and creative skills. Fire Tech are now looking to build more online engagement for their students, where they can continue to work in a collaborative and creative environment.

Why it matters

In an era that has become defined by technology and innovation, there is a greater need for students to acquire skills that will allow them to help solve real-world problems. Traditional ideas of learning have given way to pedagogy and student interaction that is far more focused on the development of 21st century skills. 

In this sense, coding, robotics and other curriculums related to computer sciences, are frequently cited as essential resources when promoting computational thinking skills in students. Through these types of thoughtfully planned and executed edtech, solutions like Fire Tech can provide students with the types of learning experiences that can truly prepare them with the type of career-relevant, ‘future-proof’ skills.

Traction so far

To date, Fire Tech worked with 70,000 students across the world from the United Kingdom and France, to Oman and Australia. Now Fire Tech are hoping to further develop new content for the digital space and in turn, expand their organisation to new markets.

October 05, 2020 (last update 01-02-2021)