Hilando Arte

About the Project

Hilando Arte is an Ecuadorian project that systemizes preschool experience as “where art and play make pedagogy”. Started 16 years ago by a group of artists, it has grown to include teachers and therapists and, since 2012, this experience has been extended beyond the basic educational level. 

The project includes: nutritional components, the active participation of families through the dynamics generated by interdisciplinary projects, training in areas that match their needs, a constant relationship between our users and their families and relevant cultural and artistic expression in Ecuador, both as creators and consumers. In the last five years, Hilando Arte has able to include disabled children, prevented and intervened in family violence, and provided childcare when both parents work. Children’s artistic products are presented to the community and in city museums, contributing to the generation of cultural welfare.

Of the students who finished early education in 1998, 100 percent attend higher education. Of those who finished in 2007 and 2010, 87 percent continued their education successfully. Using an assessment tool for four-year-old children which is adapted from Lorenzo Fhilo’s scheme, 85 percent of students achieved higher valuations. Thanks to this experience, Hilando Arte took second place nationally in the NESsT Fund for Innovation in 2013 for access, inclusion and education quality.

April 24, 2019 (last update 01-09-2021)