Jordan EFE

About the Project

The Jordan EFE (formerly the Jordan Career Education Foundation) believes that every young person deserves an opportunity to get a job so that they may establish sustainable livelihoods. JEFE uses a demand-driven training model which starts with employers’ pre-committing jobs, a fact that distinguishes JEFE from all other institutions. JEFE addresses this issue by listening to both the private sector and youth and thus develops tailor-made vocational, technical and managerial training programs that meet the needs of potential employers, inspiring them to invest in youth and empower them economically. JEFE equips students with employability skills and improves the quality of graduates to enable them to acquire their first job. JEFE empowers youth so that they may establish sustainable livelihoods and contribute toward Jordan’s future economic development.

Since 2006, JEFE has trained over 3,500 young people in 13 training program areas and placed 70 percent of them directly into jobs. JEFE has its main office in Amman with a second office in Irbid and operates in 10 governorates throughout Jordan.

JEFE targets young people who lack opportunities and come from remote, underprivileged areas; 70 percent of the young people who participated in their projects come from the 42 pockets of poverty in Jordan.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)