Las 400 Clases

About the Project

Given the overwhelming quantity of free educational videos that can be found online and the current expansion of Internet access, The 400 Classes project seeks to take advantage of these audio-visual materials to improve Argentina’s educational standards.

The project is a response to the need to unify the core content of the school curriculum as well as the educational models used, the lack of awareness of the many visual education initiatives carried out around the world, and the opportunity provided by Argentina’s current technological and communication policies (e.g. distribution of computers to children by national and provincial authorities). It was designed a project to select the best teaching videos for the primary and secondary core curriculum.

The aim is to provide visual resources for classrooms, for a more dynamic and up-to-date approach to learning, as well as providing teachers with the tools they need to facilitate their own web searches. The project seeks to bring all the wonders of the Internet into the classroom, as a complement to classroom teaching. It has been designed to reach as many classrooms as possible and every effort is being made to achieve this.


April 24, 2019 (last update 03-15-2022)