Learning Support For Disadvantaged Public School Children

About the Project

Sanady’s mission is to provide educational support to disadvantaged public school children, especially in rural and other disadvantaged areas. Its action is financed by national and international donors for disadvantaged children of their choice and by companies for the children of their workers. Sanady’s main activities are the following:

Learning support: Learning support is the central program of Sanady Foundation. The core areas of the Sanady educational program are the gradual acquisition of basic French language skills and mastering the scientific disciplines included in the curriculum.
Guidance and counselling: Guidance and counselling are key components in Sanady’s pedagogical program. Every year, lower secondary-school and high-school students are assisted in defining and building their academic and professional plan and closely followed by the Sanady team.
Teachers training: Classes are held in the public schools premises by instructors from the Ministry of Education who are trained and paid by the Foundation. The aim of these training sessions is to provide teachers with the required concepts, approaches, techniques and tools to acquire a certain degree of autonomy in order to plan and manage the best pedagogical activities for students who have been identified as having difficulties and deficiencies.
Extra-curricular activities: Lack of quality in school life is one of the reasons that lead children to drop out of school. A school with no appeal means a school with no retention. Given that a child’s growth and success are achieved in an all-around manner, Sanady Foundation prioritizes personal development and wellbeing. Through activities such as theater workshops and excursions, children learn to live together and to work on common projects. They enhance their ability to communicate, express themselves in public, strengthen their self-confidence and acquire civic and human values.
Rehabilitation of public schools: As part of its action, Sanady Foundation pays special attention to the quality of the facilities housing learning support classes. In rural areas, some schools are not equipped with proper sanitary fittings and sometimes do not have access to safe water. Many surveys have found that those factors may contribute to school drop-out, especially for girls. School equipment can take other form such as the provision of libraries.


April 24, 2019 (last update 01-10-2021)