Mdada for Girls

About the Project

The project aims to use education and entrepreneurship training as a way to help young women and girls from challenging backgrounds out of poverty. The project organizes trainings for girls so that they earn an income and go to school. Part of the money they make will go into their school fee payments which means they will stay in school rather than be sent home. This increases their chances of finding work in the formal sector and also helps them start their own enterprises through the skills they learn. In addition to the skills training, girls learn about financial literacy.

The strategy is to create greater impact and to set up clubs in the schools located in the informal settlements and provide the club leaders the materials and training required to follow through on the courses. The success of the courses is based on the founders’ experience building a business from scratch and identifying a product that sells well in the market. The girls are provided materials to make handmade bracelets which are simple to make and can be customized which enables them sell to anyone. With the sales they make, they will be able to continue buying their materials in order to make more bracelets.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-10-2019)