New Education Experiment

About the Project

The New Education Experiment (NEE) project is a nationwide experiment in private education launched by Professor Zhu Yongxin in 2000.Its mission is to help teachers and children enjoy an integrated experience of learning and living in the schools. NEE promotes 10 projects in its 1,800 experimental primary and secondary schools to develop a reading-focus school, help teachers and students write essays, cultivate eloquence, listen to the voices outside campus, construct a digital community for teachers and students, and set up an ideal classroom.

NEE considers that the key to changing school education is the awakening and professional development of teachers. In the past 12 years it has developed into China’s most extensive private education reform project. At present there are 42 local educational bureaus and more than 1,800 schools which have participated in the NEE, benefiting more than two million students and teachers.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-10-2019)