About the Project

OpenCurriculum is a web-based SaaS platform for schools and school districts of all sizes. It is intended assist schools to discover, align, map, manage and create K-12 curriculum. It helps teachers discover high-quality curated curricular materials from around the world, integrate these into existing standards-based curriculum maps of the school / district (often replacing textbook materials), and plan lessons with the help of these resources. OpenCurriculum’s mission is to bring openness and innovation in K-12 curriculum.

OpenCurriculum, an all in one single tool is used by teachers around the world to plan  lessons and discover innovative ways of shaping instruction. A teacher can go into OpenCurriculum and discover free curriculum in their subject areas from curated sets of thousands of lesson plans, activities and other resources. If they sign up, they can add these resources onto a lesson planner and subscribe to these publishers for new curriculum.

Schools and districts use OpenCurriculum to map and align (to standards) their curriculum using very easy-to-use collaborative tools. This also becomes a storehouse for their curricula to share with parents and the community. It has advanced revision and feedback functionality to make the process of designing curricula very simple. They can also pull in existing resources from lots of publishers and integrate it into their curriculum maps and resource libraries. These resources and maps can now be used by all teachers to plan their lessons, give feedback and share best practices with other teachers.

April 24, 2019 (last update 01-10-2021)