Opportunity in Education

About the Project

This global project to provide easy access and equal opportunity in digital education for anyone was inspired by learners and teachers around the globe, multinational institutions as well as corporations and the whole initiative related to the EXPO2020 themes.

Opportunity in Education is a global digital education project that provides easy access and equal opportunity for anyone. We do this by enhancing existing open source based e-learning structures and establishing structures where they are missing. Our aim is to cross link and connect them around the world in order to create a powerful global e-learning environment that includes a central, multilingual content hub that every user is invited to contribute to.

As “Opportunity in Education” is primarily based and built up on existing and well established Open Source learning management systems, it is open to the worldwide community of open source developers, thus connecting tens of thousands of enthusiastic and brilliant e-Learning minds that are all able to contribute to the creation of equal opportunity learning environments.

At the heart of “Opportunity in Education” would be an Open Education Content Hub which any connected learning environment would be able to access. The project approach will allow going beyond the limits of one particular LMS including self-reporting, informal learning and cross linking any learning activity and learning achievement. The long term vision for Opportunity in Education is to create a global learning environment that can be highly personalised and where the individual learner is the central focal point and not a particular piece of learning content or LMS.

Personalised Learning Environment:
The individual profile of each learner is at the center of an individual learning environment. The learner can – like in a sweet shop – “pick & mix“ content, OER content/learning nuggets and learning activities from a variety of LMS in order to create his or her learning experience. The learner is not caught in a particular and closed up system but rather creates a unique, open and highly personalised learning environment.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)