Out of School Children School

About the Project

The primary focus of this project is to enhance reading and writing skills along with all other regular school subjects, but at a faster pace. In parallel, it also provides vocational training so that students have multiple options to earn a livelihood. It arranges field trips, nature walks and visits to various learning centers and science exhibitions. This is something that children living in slum areas often never experience. Children are also given opportunities to participate in drama, debates and painting contests, thus tapping into their talents. The result is often life-changing.  The students come from families who were previously professional beggars but have now changed their way of life. There are many who do not  have much to eat yet they are now eager to send their children to school instead of opting for child labor. After many years of motivating and convincing, the children’s mothers now take an interest in their children’s education and regularly attend parent-teacher meetings. The aim is to transform the communities and slum areas of Islamabad and raise awareness among such people by giving them new hope through quality education.
April 24, 2019 (last update 01-10-2021)