Peace Education Curriculum for Afghan students

About the Project

For over 30 years Afghan children have been innocent victims of a cycle of violence in civil war, invasion, and by extremist elements as well as violence in the home. Far too many have grown up in an environment of physical and emotional trauma. Left to themselves, many grow up believing that aggression is the only way to resolve conflicts, which in turn contributes to a culture of violence.

HTAC’s Peace Education Curriculum is the first formal school-based model to specifically target vulnerable middle-school and high-school students, encouraging them to reject violence and all forms of aggressive behavior while embracing the principles of peaceful living, respect for diversity, and cooperation.

Originally introduced in 2003 to three schools, the model has spread to 62 schools in five provinces, impacting over 86,000 boys and girls. Results from these schools over the past three years have shown a dramatic reduction in fighting, consistent improvement in classroom and schoolyard behavior, and similar reductions in teachers’ use of corporal punishment. In 2012, recognizing its potential to impact millions of students, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education endorsed HTAC’s initiative to expand into other regions of the country.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-10-2019)