Project Hello World

About the Project

Project Hello World was created by Projects For All, a UK/US based non-profit organisation with the mission to empower communities facing human rights challenges by providing life-changing support and partnership, guided by respect, trust and community ownership.

Project Hello World is based on the belief that vulnerable communities across the world deserve connectivity, access to information and opportunities to learn.

In remote and neglected parts of the world, Hello World mobilises communities to build solar-powered, outdoor Internet kiosks to provide underprivileged children and adults the power to educate themselves, communicate with others and have a voice in the global community.

These “Hello Hubs” are designed to withstand extreme weather and are energy autonomous, which means they can bring connectivity and education to some of the most isolated and marginalised communities 


Projects for All prides itself in only partnering with communities it has been invited to and where the need for educational materials and connectivity has been clearly established. 

For each Hello Hub, Projects For All asks the community to make a matching investment of their time, skills and knowledge in order to build, manage, maintain and ensure long-term success, safety and sustainability of the Hello Hubs.


Project Hello World is not an ordinary development project, but a development partnership between Projects For All and communities. This partnership entails working together to plan, build and manage Hello Hubs and work with communities to ensure that all members have equal access.

Projects For All staff provide technical training to community members to maintain and repair Hello Hubs and ultimately take ownership of their long-term functionality. 


Project Hello World utilises a three-pronged approach to promote ownership, openness and growth opportunities for all members of the community. Firstly, Hello World staff actively listen to the needs of the communities in order to best utilise tools, resources and training to address core problems and build sustainability.

Projects Hello World is designed to be open source and available to individuals and communities around the world. Finally, Project Hello World trusts communities to take ownership of each project and promotes community involvement from the onset of the project. 



April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)