Quest to Learn

About the Project

Designed by the Institute of Play and firmly grounded in over 30 years of learning research, Quest Schools offer a promising model for middle and high school that connects rigorous learning to the increasing demands of our global society, and engages kids in ways that are exciting, empowering and culturally relevant.

Quest Schools’ unique standards-based integrated curriculum mimics the action and design principles of games by generating a compelling “need to know” in the classroom. Each term, students encounter a series of increasingly complex challenges or quests, where learning, knowledge sharing, feedback, reflection and next steps emerge as a natural function of play.

By reimagining school as one node in an ecology of learning that extends beyond the four walls of an institution, Quest Schools inspire students in holistic contexts in parallel with the networked world around them. With established connections between school, home and the community around them, students continually develop connected pathways through interest, academic and civic concerns. The Quest culture fosters and encourages student ownership of learning and challenges students to invent their future.


April 24, 2019 (last update 01-10-2021)