Raspberry Jam

About the Project

As smartphones and tablet devices become ubiquitous, the modus operandi for users has shifted emphasis from that of creator to consumer. The low-cost Raspberry Pi computer provides an accessible antidote to our recent obsession with tamper-resistant computing devices. Rather than seek to make the device as easy as to use as a tablet device, users of the Raspberry Pi are encouraged to experiment and invent their own computing solutions.

Raspberry Jams are self-organized events that come in many different flavors, with an emphasis on learning. Raspberry Jams have “spread” around the world from Melbourne to Manchester and Singapore to Silicon Valley. They provide a supportive, welcoming environment for people of all ages and backgrounds to meet face to face and share the potential of the Raspberry Pi computer. Jams provide a non-formal learning environment free of the restrictive rules and regulations enforced in traditional learning environments. For example, at a Jam you might expect to meet eight-year-old teachers and fifty-year-old pupils.

April 24, 2019 (last update 01-10-2021)