Real Lives Experience

About the Project

Neeti Solutions leverages gamification and social networking as an entertaining, positive, educational approach to develop empathy, cross-cultural liberality and life skills required to thrive in the present socio-economic state of the world. Our interventions are highly engaging and teach values and skills through immersions that are way more effective than lecture/text based style of teaching. We have had success with several serious games that we have developed in the past like our livelihood game.  “Real Lives Experience” is an integrated intervention that combines gamification and social networking. RLE uses Neeti Solutions’ “5-Step Empathy-to-Action” framework to build and develop life skills like self and social awareness, self-management, relationship skills and responsible decision-making. These skills are necessary to address social and emotional learning challenges amongst the youth.  

The key to scale for impact is the integration of ‘Real Lives Epiphany’, cloud based, simulation game with ‘RealTalkin’ – a social learning platform (SLP), and a marketplace that promotes and brings other serious and social game developers together. We are using Real Lives’, the simulation game’s strengths, an established business in US and Europe markets, to scale and create impact globally. This will help us move into a market leader position in the domain of social & serious games and simulations.  We plan to accomplish scale by integrating our intervention into curriculums and reaching out to schools and educational institutions, parents, educators, and gamers. We are also actively building strategic alliances and partnerships across the world for a high global presence and subsequent impact. Our intervention will be multi-lingual and cloud-based therefore, accessible across cultures, countries, and electronic devices. We plan to reach over 500,000 users in our first year itself. 


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)