About the Project

Sangakoo is an online learning platform that offers the possibility to learn math actively by collaborating with other members of the Sangakoo community. This approach helps exercise mind by stimulating, developing and preserving different cognitive abilities such as abstract thinking, planning, mental flexibility, creativity and calculation at different levels.

With the Sangakoo method anyone, whether student or professional, can learn mathematics on the platform by solving and creating problems, and connecting and collaborating with like-minded users.

The project holders believe in an educational model based on creativity and renewal rather than stagnation and repetition, learning to enjoy asking questions, and not only getting answers. It is said that you know math when you have learned to solve problems. This is the next step after learning the theory. Sangakoo maintains that you know math when you know how to create your own problems and share them collaboratively.  Collaborative learning is a powerful educational tool: the “we” is always smarter than the “I” and Sangakoo creates a virtual space where students can help and learn with and from each other:

  • Solving and creating math problems;
  • Collaborating and connecting with like-minded people;
  • Learning mathematics for life, allowing people to actively participate in the knowledge society.


April 24, 2019 (last update 01-10-2021)