This initiative is part of the 2021-22 WISE Edtech Accelerator Cohort. 

What they do

Schoters aims to support students as they prepare for higher education applications, particularly within international institutions. The end-to-end service Schoters provide includes admission and exam preparation, mock interviews, document translation etc. One of the main misconceptions that the Schoters team are battling against is the idea that university is only for the privileged few who can afford the entrance fee. Schoters hope that by delivering this type of service through their platform, that they may be able to create more equitable pathways to higher education.

Why it matters

For those involved in the university application cycle, words like “equity” and “access” continue to shape conversations taking place as universities around the world aim to enroll a more racially and socioeconomically diverse class. However, the reality is that even before issues like admission and university housing cost come into play, many students may find themselves at an immediate disadvantage due to a lack of information and resources that could help prepare them for university application and entry. This lack of access not only has a dire effect on students’ immediate futures, but also has a great deal of impact on the cultural diversity of each university and their communities.

We often think of universities as hubs for global talent, yet data in a number of reports has shown that there remain a great deal of significant hurdles preventing minority students from securing a place within these institutions, and having an equal chance of success once they get there. These students often experience a poor sense of belonging and low levels of engagement because their environments are not inclusive. If we want to shift in the higher education space, we must begin by providing equal access to information and opportunity to apply.

Traction so far

To date, Schoters has served 500,000 users across Indonesia, of which hundreds of them were admitted into top universities in 30+ countries (including the likes of Cornell, UCL, Sorbonne, Kyoto University, Unimelb, among others). The ambition of the Schoters team is to now extend outside of their immediate Indonesian context and serve a larger global audience.

October 06, 2021 (last update 10-06-2021)