This initiative is part of the 2021-22 WISE Edtech Accelerator Cohort. 

What they do

As companies spend time and money recruiting new tech hires, the talent they’re looking for might be on-site already. Silabuz helps companies see the potential in their existing employees and upskill tech talent to meet their needs. With Silabuz’s skill testing and upskilling solutions, companies can reduce turnover while saving up to 70% on recruiting and retention. In turn, tech job seekers without access to traditional higher education are elevated to higher career trajectories.

Why it matters

Many schools have begun to introduce coding within their curriculums to enhance students’ exposure to technology and create new pathways to innovation and creativity. Tech thinkers and educators believe that coding will allow this new generation of learners to hone critical thinking skills such as problem solving and collaboration. Further, coding helps to develop a critical skill set within young people which can be applied within the larger STEM curriculum.

In 2018, 2.4 million STEM jobs were left unfilled due to a significant lack of corporate talent available, a clear sign that so many of our global sectors continue to be held back by a lack of digital design and programming skills. Moreover, in a 2021 study by RAND Europe, the report found that technology design and programming were among the top 10 skills that will become essential by 2025; almost two-thirds of global GDP is expected to be driven by digitized products and services next year.

Our global economies will continue to witness this type of rapid technological progress over the next decade, therefore if we want to see our ambitions for this generation of learners realized, we must no longer consider digital literacy as exclusively part of the genre of science fiction, but rather a reality that we must meet head on.

Traction so far

Founded in 2018, Silabuz currently has 20,000 users across 15 countries. Focused on the Spanish-speaking market, Silabuz have been able to deliver a unique offering to LATAM users and others, not only providing new opportunities build necessary digital skills, but also connect with a community of students and instructors from other geographies, in turn, creating a global community of coders and entrepreneurs.

October 06, 2021 (last update 09-21-2022)