Second Chance

About the Project

The Second Chance program under Pratham Open School of Education (POSE) was started in 2011 to give dropout students, especially girls, a chance to complete their Secondary School education and acquire the skills necessary for employment. It is a 12 to 15 month program that targets young girls and women between the age of 16 and 25 years who have dropped out of school and helps them pass their Secondary School Examinations. The program is currently into its fourth year, and spread across 31 centers in eight states in India.

Apart from helping with their education, the program also aims to raise awareness about educating girls and women so that they can break the regressive barriers of gender, caste and religion.

The primary goals guiding the Second Chance program are:

  • To help women from underserved communities who have dropped out of school, to complete their secondary education by passing the 10th Grade board examination.
  • To bridge the gap in their education by strengthening their basic conceptual understanding through a “Foundation Course”.
  • To build confidence and develop their personalities by imparting soft skills in order to enable them to explore opportunities for employment.



April 24, 2019 (last update 01-10-2021)