Sonidos de la Tierra

About the Project

Sonidos de la Tierra creates social capital through the running of orchestras as schools for life. This project was born out of the necessity of creating an active civil society in a country that was coming out of long dictatorship with extremely deteriorated human values. Sonidos de la Tierra has become Paraguay’s most emblematic social project.

Inspired by the concept of educating through art, during the last 14 years the program has allowed direct access to music education and community development to more than 16,000 children and youth and 2,000 adults in 205 underprivileged communities through music schools, choirs, orchestras, cultural associations and instrument workshops.
Although great musicians emerge from this project, Sonidos’s main objective is to create good citizens. The program touches the roots of poverty, the low level of formal education, and the high incidence of corruption by motivating children and youth to do better in school and complete their educations; by providing adults (who generally do not have much formal education themselves) the organizational and fundraising skills they need to create more opportunities in their communities.

The innovative Conservatory on Wheels methodology has allowed the program to be present in 16 of the 17 departments of Paraguay, and its multiplier effect to the project winning several awards. 


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)