Underprivileged Women Entrepreneurship and Skilling

About the Project

This project is one of the 2021 WISE Awards finalists. 


Context and Issue 

In 1990s major Indian cities had unprecedented growth because of investment, technology and manpower. However, underprivileged women and marginalized girls of rural India remained untouched by technological development due to lack of training, connectivity and prevailing social stigmas. AISECT evolved Multipurpose ICT Centre for vocational training and service delivery to rural communities. This network initiated special effort to mobilize women for skill development and entrepreneurship.


Solution and Impact

A three-pronged approach was adopted to involve beneficiaries and make training centres economically viable. First, centres were made multipurpose so that in addition to training, provision of repair/maintenance services and e-services were also undertaken. Second, the training content was developed in local language so that beneficiaries understand them easily and adopt them. Third, the centres were located in hitherto uncovered rural and semi-urban areas to make them accessible to women. Training programmes were constantly updated and placement efforts made to provide jobs. Entrepreneurship among women was encouraged. Government schemes were channelised towards women’s training and entrepreneurship.

Trained about 400000 marginalized girls from 400 districts across India. Provided Digital Literacy to over one lakh tribal girls in 1297 schools. Imparting free vocational education to 40000 marginalized girls annually. Over 2000 WOMEN entrepreneurs established micro enterprises generating income by online/offline services creating employment for over 5000 persons. These enterprises generate annual turnover of USD 5000 to 25000. 100000 Common Service Centres setup by Government of India inspired by AISECT model.


Future Developments 

History testifies that technology provides women freedom and financial stability. With this in view we will focus on Increasing number of girls opting for vocational training to over 50% from current 39%, Establish Multipurpose ICT centres in and outside India to reach more women, Strengthen AISECT Resources through technology, online services and effective linkages with government/bilateral agencies, suiting women’s need.

May 05, 2021 (last update 05-05-2021)