About the Project

Worldreader is on a mission to eradicate illiteracy among people in low-income countries. To do this, it trains teachers as well as primary school children to use e-readers, supporting the educators and helping them cultivate children’s love of reading at an early stage. These children can access thousands of culturally relevant local stories as well as major international books. In just a few months of using the e-readers, children show significant improvements in fluency and comprehension and the gender gap closes. Once children are active readers, together with their families they can continue to access the content via the mobile phone app that is available to 80 percent of people in low-income countries via mobile feature phones.

Worldreader strives not only to improve reading rates and demand for books, but also to help create a sustainable ecosystem to support reading in the communities, thereby helping people make decisions, learn, grow and take charge of improving their quality of life.


April 24, 2019 (last update 01-04-2021)