Technology Overuse Amongst Adolescents in Qatar

December 06, 2021

Technology has dramatically changed our lives, and most people around the world currently use technology for various purposes. The fast pace of technological advancement and the increasing access to modern technology around the world has shaped our lives in an unprecedented way. Everyone with access to technology has an opportunity to explore the world and communicate with others via a small device connected wirelessly to the internet.

The extent to which we use digital technologies varies, however, it is clear that adolescents have the lion’s share when it comes to use of the various technological tools. They are now growing up in an interconnected world where cellphones, internet, games, etc. are part of their daily lives and they use these tools in expected and unexpected ways. This report provides findings from the first phase of a study of how adolescents’ excessive use of digital technology in Qatar affects their health, education and family relationships. This report reflects the parents’ views based on their responses to a survey and in-depth interviews.