Blended Beyond Borders: A scan of blended learning obstacles and opportunities in Brazil, Malaysia and South Africa

Access and Inclusion September 23, 2017

Online and blended learning programs represent one of the most profound opportunities to shift industrial-era instructional models to student-centered approaches. Our latest research analyzes whether and how a sample of brick-and-mortar schools in Brazil, Malaysia, and South Africa uses online learning to deliver content in new, more flexible ways. We distributed an online survey to educators and leaders in each country. The report shares and analyzes survey data, along with 30 case studies of blended-learning school models. A few common themes emerged. First, the field needs to clearly distinguish when technology is used for instructional —rather than merely administrative— purposes. Second, innovations in online and blended learning tend to grow differently according to circumstances, depending on the success metrics to which they are held. Third, infrastructure and human capital pose some of the greatest challenges to implementing technology in general, and blended learning in particular.


Ms Julia Freeland Fisher

Ms Julia Freeland Fisher

Director of education research, Christensen Institute

Julia leads the Christensen Institute team that educates policymakers and community leaders on the power of disruptive innovation in the K-12 and higher education spheres through its research. She has published and spoken extensively on trends in the EdTech market, blended learning, competency-based education, and the future of schools.

Ms Katrina Bushko

Ms Katrina Bushko

Partnerships manager of the Blended Learning Universe, Christensen Institute

Katrina has interviewed numerous teachers and administrators to help with the development of the Christensen Institute Blended Learning Universe Directory. She also co-authored State of Opportunity, a survey-driven report on the status and direction of blended learning in Ohio.

Ms Jenny White

Ms Jenny White

Content manager of the Blended Learning Universe, assistant to the director of education

Jenny has been instrumental in the development of the Christensen Institute Blended Learning Universe Directory, having interviewed teachers and administrators across the United States.

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  • Allison Powell, Senior Learning Strategist, Bloomboard

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