Emerging Technologies and Edtech June 19, 2014

Country of Origin: Sweden
Languages: English
Publisher: Algoryx
Year Published: 2013
Platforms: PC Download, Mac Download, iPad
Genre:Physics simulator
Barriers to Entry: Middle-range Mac or PC needed for play, or iPad (3 or later). Large amount of instruction reading required to learn software. Simulation is quite complex and tutorials require strong tenacity to complete due to some confusing usability issues.
Age Range:11+
Subjects: Science (physics)

Algodoo is a two-dimensional physics simulator built off of the high-fidelity simulation products created by Algoryx, an interactive simulation company. Players can create objects of arbitrary size and shape (draw their own polygons or create simple shapes such as circles and squares), then drop them into the 2D physics world and enhance them with mechanical parts such as engines, axles, springs, light rays, lenses, and more. Materials simulation allows the player to specify the composition of an object they’ve created, turning it into water, ice, or other specially-behaving substances.

Algodoo isn’t a game, per-se, but it’s a powerful physics simulator that allows a high degree of creativity for players persistent enough to thoroughly learn its complex toolset. An online community allows players to exchange the worlds that they create, and the company’s global library includes over 50,000 pre-made scenes.