Dr. Alessandra Tosi

Managing Director of Open Book Publishers

United Kingdom

Dr. Alessandra Tosi is the co-founder and Managing Director of Open Book Publishers. A specialist in Russian literature with a solid international profile, she has published numerous books and articles in top journals and has extensive teaching experience in higher education institutions. A past Wingate and MHRA Fellow, and a Visiting Fellow at Harvard and the European University Institute, Dr. Tosi has held positions at the universities of Cambridge and Exeter. In 2008, frustrated by the price barriers imposed by traditional publishers to her own work, she realized that the issue of access to textbooks and academic works was urgent and required a practical solution. She resigned from her academic position to create a much-needed alternative to the existing publishing model in education: Open Book Publishers. The key idea was to provide high-quality content that was free to access, read, study and re-use by all students and interested readers the world over.