Andrea Escobar Vila

Executive Director, Empresarios Por La Educación

Andrea Escobar Vilá is a psychologist with an emphasis in strategic marketing and consumer psychology. For more than 15 years his work has been linked to the educational sector from different fields. He began in the publishing sector, leading the development of school content, and later served as manager of a technology for education venture that focused his efforts on finding solutions to connect students and teachers in the classroom.

Both experiences strengthened her knowledge and allowed her to be the director of Semana Educación, a division of Grupo Semana that managed to consolidate itself as a valid channel of communication, generator and disseminator of content relevant to the educational system. He also led the Leaders for Education Summit for the last four years, an event that positioned itself as the most important in the sector at the national level and consolidated as the space for conversation and reflection where national and international leaders participate who reaffirm that education is the engine of transformation of society.