Anissa Moeini

Founder and CEO, Goldstar Education

Dr. Anissa Moeini is an EdTech entrepreneur, learning scientist and expert in education impact measurement. She is Founder and CEO of Goldstar Education where her flagship product Goldstar EdTech Diagnostics™ measures the education impact potential of EdTech products, giving a trustworthiness score to empower EdTech buyers, investors, funders and policymakers with the knowledge of which products will likely deliver on learning outcome claims. Dubbed the 6 superpowers of trustworthy EdTech, her groundbreaking approach to impact measurement is the first to consider the teams behind EdTech products and their mindsets, purpose and vision when measuring impact potential. Anissa is Honorary Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University College London’s Institute of Education.

Anissa completed her PhD at the UCL Institute of Education (World #1 for research in education 2014-2022) London, UK, her MA at Teacher’s College, Columbia University in International Education Development with a specialization in Instructional Technology and Design, and her undergraduate in International Business (iBBA) at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, Canada.