Anver Versi

Journalist, New African magazine

United Kingdom

Anwarali Versi (who appears as Anver Versi in print) is the Editor-in-Chief of Africa’s longest-established and most-read pan-African current affairs publication, the London-based New African magazine. He is also the founder editor of the quarterly African Banker magazine. 

Before that, for almost three decades he was Editor-in-Chief of the London-based pan-African, African Business magazine. He won several international awards both in his personal capacity as well as for editorial excellence for African Business and African Banker.

Versi has written over a thousand articles for a variety of publications including The Times, The Independent, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist etc. He has also appeared on BBC TV and Radio, CNN, SABC and various other broadcasters. Versi specialises in politico-economic analysis.

Some of his publications include Search for Africa’s Political Identity published by Macmillan and the best-selling Football in Africa (1986) published by Collins.