Arezo Kohistany

Director, Afghan Future Fund & Yalda Hakim Foundation

Arezo is currently on an external assignment from her role as an Investment Officer at the World Bank Group to support the humanitarian response efforts related to the crisis in Afghanistan. Arezo serves as the Director of Yalda Hakim Foundation (YHF) and Afghan Future Fund (AFF). Arezo leads initiatives at AFF including the development of education of programs for Afghan refugees in Albania as well as the group of AUAF students in Sulaimani, Iraq.

At YHF, Arezo is focused on providing education opportunities to students in Afghanistan in the form of scholarships, trainings, mentorship and internships. Arezo manages YHF’s scholarship programs with the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF), Georgetown University- Doha and Oxford University – Oriel College. As a joint effort of YHF and AFF, Arezo is leading the development of the Afghan Scholars Initiative – a program that provides scholarships to recent Afghan refugees students to continue their higher education in the United States.