Bowman Heiden

Director, Design Zone Initiative of Qatar Foundation, Director, Design Zone Initiative of York University, Canada

Mr. Heiden is the Director for the Design Innovation Institute at Qatar Foundation, which is an initiative to build design and design thinking capabilities in Qatar focused on developing solutions that spur economic growth and enhance quality of life.  Prior to this appointment he held the position of Innovation Director at Qatar Science and Technology Park. At QSTP Mr. Heiden led initiatives focused on technology-based business development, including technology transfer, incubation, entrepreneurship training, IP strategy and policy, and building institutions to construct an innovation infrastructure to support knowledge-based economic development. His education and professional expertise is in technology, management, and economics with a focus on knowledge-based business development and intellectual property strategy, where he has co-founded and developed interdisciplinary centers, incubators, master educations, global events and networks, and ventures. Mr. Heiden has experience working with innovation and business development activities in MNCs, SMEs, university innovation systems, and economic development agencies. Before turning to the field of knowledge-based innovation and entrepreneurship, Mr. Heiden played professional basketball in several European countries.