Dahlia Maarouf

Leadership and Development Specialist, Education Above All

United Kingdom

Dahlia Maarouf is a Leadership and Development specialist for Al Fakoora, a programme of Education Above All. Dahlia works on designing innovative civic leadership programmes that enable youth living in conflict/post conflict regions to become inspirational civic leaders and positive global citizens. She has over ten years’ experience in international development, and currently works on a civic engagement programme benefitting more than 3000 marginalized youth in Gaza, the West Bank and Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. Additionally, from 2006-2016 Dahlia founded and was the CEO of “Walou,” a British-registered charity dedicated to reintegrating and rehabilitating street children in Morocco. Dahlia has a BSC in Economics, BA in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, and she recently graduated with a Masters in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.