Mr. David Ferreira

Partner, Caerus Capital LLC

United States of America

David Ferreira has a long track record in finance, including in private equity. In addition to being a partner at Caerus, he is an advisor to the IFC on healthcare and education investments. He is a shareholder in and director of CRE Venture Capital, which invests in tech startups in Africa. He is also a member of the Funding Approvals Committee of Convergence, a blended finance platform funded by the Canadian government. Previously, David was the Managing Director for Innovative Finance & Private Sector Partnerships at Gavi, the global vaccine alliance, doing business in 73 emerging economies. Prior to that, David was Investment Manager for Soul City Broad-Based Empowerment Company, an investment company owned by a South African non-governmental organization engaged in public health education. From 1997 to 2006, David was a founding partner of Praxis Capital, a private equity business focused on the healthcare and education sectors in immediately post-Apartheid democratic South Africa. He was a member of the Board of ADvTECH, a listed education company, for 10 years.